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Everything You Need for a Successful Relocation

1. First things first:

Don't panic! Start by making some preliminary decisions, determining such things as your time frame and service requirements. If you are relocating at the request of your company, you should find out what your relocation benefits are from your company relocation policy.

2. Should it stay or should it go?

Next, you should go through your belongings, determining what you want to take with you (and when you will need it), what you want to place into storage, and what you want to dispose of.

3. Call in the experts:

Having determined which of your belongings will actually come with you, contact your Earth Global Move Specialist and arrange for an in-home survey and consultation. During your Pre-move Consultation, your Global Move Specialist will explain the entire process and inform you about all of the services that are available to help you prepare and plan your entire move:

4. Choosing a shipping Method:

5. Protect your belongings:

After you and your Global Move Specialist have decided how you will transport your belongings, you should go through them again, this time gauging the value of all the items you will not be disposing of. Once you've done that, you can fill out a valued inventory to protect them under the All Risk Insurance Coverage

6. Make your travel plans:

Once you've set a date for your move, you should make your travel arrangements, including temporary accommodation at origin and destination. Earth can help you with this—ask your Global Move Specialist for details.

7. Organize your paperwork:

It is imperative that you begin to take care of all your required documentation as soon as possible. This includes visa applications, passport renewals, customs forms and change of address notices. And, of course, don't forget either your needs-assessment questionnaire or your protection inventory. Earth Global Move Specialist can offer assistance with all the necessary paperwork.

8. Set a little something aside:

Before moving day, set aside all those items that you do not wish to be packed in the shipment. This would include your passport and other important documents, tickets, money, and jewelry among other things. Kindly mark the items that are not supposed to be shipped with bright fluorescent post it notes so that the crew does not pack and load them.

9. Moving Out:

On moving day, Please keep kids away from the packing & moving areas so they do not get hurt while moving furniture pieces, heavy boxes etc. It's imperative that you (or an authorized representative) are there for the whole duration, so you can verify the count and condition of your belongings in relation to the packing inventory, as well as answer any questions that the moving team might have.

10. Packing Inventory Sheet:

As your personal belongings are carefully wrapped and packed, Earth's Crew Supervisor will note each item on a "Packing Inventory Sheet." Once all items have been removed from your home, packed and loaded into the truck or container, they will be numbered and will appear on the packing inventory list. This inventory is a working document from your previous home to your new location.

11. Track Your Shipment Online:

Earth's website lets you track your shipment using any computer with internet access.

12. Arriving in your new country:

Once you arrive in your new home, contact your local Earth Global Move Specialist so you can arrange the delivery of your belongings and start getting settled as soon as possible.

13. Receiving Your Personal Belongings:

Once you've selected your new house and made all the necessary arrangements, it's time for delivery of your belongings! Your local Earth Global Move Agent will confirm:

Be sure to advise your Consultant if access to your home is difficult, so the Crew will be fully prepared for the delivery.

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