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Warehousing & storage

Storage of HHGS is more than simply placing your goods in a box. It requires:

Earth Relocation accommodates 30,000 square feet of warehouse space near the Port of New York/New Jersey. Cargo of any type can be properly prepared for storage with stuffing, stripping and handling services, then readied for shipment with proper lashing and securing.

No relocation company provides a broader range of warehousing and storage options than Earth Relocation. If you’re looking for a long-term storage service in New Jersey to support moving to Hong Kong, for example, we can help. Relocating to Hong Kong where office spaces are sometimes more compact can create real challenges for companies with sprawling complexes, but our warehousing and storage facilities can help you in the short term or the long term.

Even if you company isn’t moving to Hong Kong and is instead moving elsewhere, we’re here for you. Relocating to Hong Kong creates challenges, but so does moving anywhere in the world. Contact us for the competent assistance you need to do the job right.

With fast access to the ports of New York & New Jersey, as well as easy access to the rest of US by rail and truck, Earth Relocation can provide a total logistics storage package to meet all your requirements. For more information on warehousing and storage needs, please contact us.

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