Can an American citizen retire to Canada?


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For a long time, this was a difficult question. The United States and Canada have been close allies for decades, but until recently, the government allowed Americans to retire in Canada. In recent years, the Canadian economy has been on the decline as oil prices continue to drop. This has caused many Canadians to leave their country of origin for greener pastures, namely America. With these changes taking place, we wanted to know what you need to do if you’re going to move from one side of North America’s border all the way across.

But it would be best if you considered few aspects before moving to Canada.

Cost of living in Canada VS USA after retirements

The cost of living in Canada and the United States after retirement is not that different. There are many similarities between the two countries. Canada has a good economy, but the cost of living is slightly higher than in parts of America.

It is important to remember that living expenses vary by province and city. For instance, living in Montreal would be cheaper than living in Vancouver or Toronto. Montreal also has a reputation for being an affordable place to live, so it’s worth adding it to your list of cities to consider.

Many Americans who plan on retiring abroad are worried about their social security benefits expiring after they leave America for good. However, there is no need to worry because Canada has an agreement with Social Security Administration (SSA) which means that American retirees will still receive payments from SSA while working or retired in Canada at age 65+. This agreement also ensures that Canadians living and working in America have access to U.S. Benefits as well!

Health coverage in Canada for retired people

For retirees considering moving overseas from America, we recommend contacting Medicare (or equivalent) and ensuring everything will transfer over correctly. This includes prescriptions – make

Additionally, the Canadian government provides healthcare coverage for those over 65 years old as long as they have lived in Canada for 20 years or more. This coverage includes prescription drugs and hospital visits. That being said, retirees may still want supplemental insurance from a company like Medica to cover things that Canadian health care does not.

Taxes in Canada for retired people

The tax system in Canada is very different from the U.S. system. As you are a senior citizen planning to retire in Canada, there is good news for you as taxation will be far less than your income tax liability as an American working individual.

Many Canadian cities like Toronto and Vancouver are costly to live in compared to most other big American cities like New York, Miami or Los Angeles. However, Canada is an excellent place for retirees who prefer the peace of mind over America’s luxuries. If you want your children to grow up with better educational opportunities, Canada can be an ideal place for retirement. Just make sure you understand all the rules and regulations before moving permanently to any foreign country, including Canada.

What are Visa Requirements for Retired People in Canada?

Retirement visas are available to American citizens who want to retire permanently in Canada.

Required things

  • proof that they have adequate funds to support themselves during their stay,
  • show that they do not intend to work for cash or make any profit from an investment or business enterprise while living in Canada
  • Show that they have a place to live in Canada.
  • adequate knowledge of English or French,
  • pass a medical exam,
  • prove their ties with the U.S. are not strong enough for them to return
  • Provide police records from all countries where they have lived within the past five years.

How do American Retirees Apply?

American retirees can apply directly at a Canadian consulate outside the country if living abroad or through an immigration attorney who will file paperwork on their behalf while American citizens remain in America.

The application process typically takes six months after filing before American retirees receive approval, but some applicants may need more time due to processing delays beyond their control. American citizens should plan accordingly when submitting applications.

American retirees may need to file additional documentation along with their applications, such as

  • proof of funds,
  • proof of investments or
  • property ownership in Canada, and
  • Canadian income tax returns if they have filed any during the past five years.

American citizens must also follow all instructions provided by consular officials when applying for a retirement visa.

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