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Car shipping Services Near You

Whether you are moving abroad and want to bring your car along or sending a vintage automobile or new vehicle overseas, we are here to help you. So far, thousands of happy individuals have trusted Earth Relocation for shipping their new or old vehicles to the new place and received our reliable and stress free car shipping service.

Our moving experts will guide you with all-important export documentation along with affordable insurance options. Our roll-on / roll-off and container car shipping services are very safe and cost-effective. We make sure your international auto shipping experience is stress-free and affordable.

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Roll-on / Roll-off (RO/RO)

Roll-on / Roll-off service is one of the most cost-effective methods to transport your vehicle, such as cars, automobiles, trucks, boats, etc.

Any type of wheeled cargo which can be driven on and off the ship on their own wheels or platform vehicle can use this type of car shipping method.

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Open Auto Transport

Open transport car shipping is one of the most common ways to ship a vehicle. If you are looking for an affordable car shipping service, then open transport would be a great option. Around 90% of the car transport is done by open trailers carrying the cars. If you plan to move your new, used or junk car with an open option, you will receive affordable coverage and rates to ship your car.

Container with trailer

Automotive Shipping Containers

For various reasons, shipping your vehicle in a container may be a better solution than Ro-Ro service considering vehicle type, destination or it could be your preference to ship your car through container. If you find yourself needing to move some personal items or spare parts, they can be loaded in your car and shipped with them inside your container in contrast to the Ro-Ro services.

Container with trailer

Enclosed Auto Transport

Enclosed car shipping is the best option when planning to ship vehicles such as luxury or classic car, vintage race car. if you are looking for the car’s safety, enclosed covered car transport should be your choice since it protects the vehicle from weather, dirt, debris, etc. it may face during open car shipping. Enclosed shipping is recommended for high sentimental value.

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