Full-Service Custom Crating

Wood Crates
& Shipping

If you have fragile items in your home, you may need them to be secured and custom crated before our movers load these items onto the moving truck. Earth Relocation can arrange for custom crating services for specialty goods such as large mirrors, valuable artwork, glass tabletops, antiques and more.

Crating For Your Needs

We build the highest quality wooden custom crates for packing, crating and shipping your equipment. Many factors are considered before designing a crate for your fragile items. We consider the weight, dimensions, fragility, value, and the final destination before building a wooden crate.

We are experts at handling your shipping needs. We design and build crates for various items, including displays, machinery and equipment, computers and electronics, graphics and literature.

Fine Art Crating

Fine art is delicate and priceless. Don’t risk the value of your fine art with inadequate moving or storage processes. Our fine art crates are solid and contain foam supports. Protect your precious prints with our securely suspended fine art crating.

International Crating

Exporting your belongings has never been safer. Ship fragile or valuable items such as paintings, furniture, sculptures, antiques, or machinery. Our crates provide a secure environment with desiccant for moisture protection and IPPC compliant standards.

Slat Crating

Your property is important. Protect delicate objects like pictures, paintings, furniture, chandeliers and sculptures with slat crating. Our wooden slat crates are strong, environmentally friendly and moisture resistant – perfect for moving or long-term storage.


Keep your machinery protected. Large or heavy machinery requires a special support base to enable handling with a pump jack or forklift. Vapor bag protection and vacuum packing further secures machinery while desiccant ensures protection from ambient moisture.


Special crating for your special items

Flat-screen TVs




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