Fine Arts and Antiques moving service

Want to move your most precious fine art pieces?

Choose our fine arts and antiques moving services and move your art through safe hands.

Protecting and Moving Your Valuables

You will want someone safely moving for your most precious fine art pieces. This is us.

One of Earth Relocation’s special services is fine art and antiques packing, crating, and moving. Earth Relocation has extensive experience and knowledge of packing and moving artwork, especially in antiques, statues, pianos, galleries, museums, and irreplaceable artwork. Our moving expert is prepared to guide you through the challenges associated with your fine art or antique moving needs. We take pride in helping you in an old-fashioned way. Should you have any move-related questions, we will answer it.

Every time we take on a move, we go above and beyond to ensure the highest protection and utmost safety to your delicate items.

Fine Art & Antiques Moving

Shipping your valuable antiques overseas is certainly stressful — your precious items have a long journey, and you want to ensure they arrive overseas without any damage. Hiring an experienced and reliable international moving expert to transport your delicate and valuable artwork and antiques safely is the first step to safe shipping.

We offer an array of special antique moving services to ensure your fragile items arrive in their new country without so much as a scratch.

Customized Packing

While shipping your fine arts and antiques, you never have to worry about packing. We go the extra mile to ensure that all of your belongings are protected. Our dedicated and skilled packers will carefully and safely pack your belongings. We use the highest-quality, protective materials to shield your delicate antiques and artwork from damage and harsh elements.

Custom crating

Whether large or small, Earth Relocation can custom crate your every delicate art and antique item for extra protection. Based on the volume of items, Earth relocation moving experts will guide you and plan your move with types of containers and their dimensions: which is best for you. We have specialized dedicated container packages for your unique moving needs.

Overseas Shipping

Once your antiques, paintings, and sculptures are carefully packed, crated, and ready for transport, we will handle the extensive overseas shipping process for you. Not only will we make sure your shipment makes its way overseas safely, but we can also assist you with your paperwork and the complicated customs process.


Earth Relocation is fully equipped to handle many of your moving-related storage needs with our short-term and long-term storage services. Storage for your Art & Antiques can be provided during the move as per requirement. We can store your items for as little as a few days or for as long as it takes until you are ready to have them transported to their final destination.

Some of the items that we have moved so far

To help you understand the amount of experience that we have, we would like to offer you a representable list of items that we have moved so far. Please bear in mind that this is not the final list. 

The list of every type of item that we moved would have been much larger.

  • Fragile or delicate furniture of any type
  • Antique Desks and chairs
  • Statue and Figurine
  • Specialty Furniture
  • Paintings, Certificates, Records, Books
  • Artwork and Antique
  • Collectibles, Porcelains
  • Sports Memorabilia, Trophies
  • Historical items

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