International Moving Insurance

For total peace of mind, Earth Relocation brings you Insurance solutions to suit your needs. Subscribe to the ALL-RISK protection policy to ensure you get full compensation for your loss.

International Moving Insurance

Nature of International Moving inherently poses risks to the safety of your goods that are beyond our control. Despite our industry-leading packing quality and careful handling, damages/loss may occur to your goods at any stage of your moving process.

That is why Earth Relocation has partnered with leading Insurance Brokerage UNIRISC to bring you Insurance solutions to suit your needs. With policies underwritten by one of the world’s leading underwriters, you can be assured that your belongings are protected door to door no matter whether you are moving by sea, land, or air.

For total peace of mind, it is strongly recommended that you subscribe to Earth Relocations’s ALL-RISK protection policy to ensure you get full compensation for your loss.

Moving Insurance Options

All-Risk Insurance Policy

Think of this coverage as the Rolls Royce of moving insurance. As the name suggests, this coverage offers you complete peace of mind because it covers every possible risk to the safety of your goods.

Coverage starts from the day of packing to the day delivery is completed. This policy guarantees that the insurance company will replace any article that is lost or damaged beyond repair with either a like item or a cash settlement. Any cash settlements made will be in the amount of the current market value of the item(s).

Total loss insurance policy

A budget policy well suited for self-packed or shipments will low value & can be applied to all types of shipments. This is a NO DEDUCTIBLE coverage for loss and/or damage only when loss/damage is a direct result of fire, theft, sinking, the explosion on the vessel, etc. and a total value must be placed on the shipments for coverage purposes.

Moving Insurance Process

All-Risk Insurance Policy Processs


Fill out valued inventory form considering replacement cost of each & every category of items in the destination country. Should find the form too restrictive you may use your own valuation format.

Selective coverage is not allowed & every item needs to carry value. Failing to do so will kick in the Co-Insurance clause causing the devaluation of coverage for high-value items.

Items over US$2500 in individual values may require an appraisal prior to shipping or proof of purchase at the time of claims. Please consult your Move Manager for details.

Total loss insurance policy Process

Valued inventory is not required. Only fill out the coverage amount desired.


  • Sign & Date the insurance form.
  • Turn in the document to your Move Manager or the Operations Team.


  • You will be provided with Insurance Certificate.
  • Review and save for your record.

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