American Moving to Mumbai From US

Starting your life in the heart of India is the most exhilarating process. But, when it comes to commencing your journey to move to Mumbai from US, it could be daunting for most of us.

Moving to Mumbai from the US is a cluster of complications, especially if you are moving from the USA. But, do not worry, be at your ease and let the experts handle the hardest part of the relocation and embark on this adventurous journey towards this chic Metropolitan city of India and make this journey a journey to remember!

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Mumbai is considered one of the fast-growing Land of Dreams of India. Though it has several quirks like high population density or battling traffic jams, it also has a culture-rich society and high-end corporate job opportunities in the city.

India’s second capital single-handedly contains more than 22 million people in the city. But its warm, welcoming vibe attracts thousands of Expats from across the globe and has a charming way to have something for everyone. No matter in which financial class you fall under, Mumbaikars have learned how to co-exist and share the important moments of their lives.

Overall, the weather of Mumbai is quite scorching hot around the summer season, but it could be pleasant in winters. Mumbai is considered the city that never sleeps, and it’s true to many extents as you can find hundreds of pubs, cafes, discotheques making the Mumbai nightlife young and zestful till the sun comes up. This city has been built combining seven islands and since then has never stopped growing.

The best part of Mumbai is, whether it is a power cut or flooded roads, or even terror attacks, the city never gives up and gets its life together as it has never happened. And you can find this fearless spirit in the heart of locals as well, which will never make you leave the city once you take a step in the city.

If you want to experience a diverse lifestyle with new challenges in your everyday life Mumbai is the perfect metro city to live in. As an American, you might find the taste of local cuisine a bit spicey, but once you have got a bite of Vadapau and Missalpau, we bet you would not want to stop your tastebuds from indulging in it further!

Move to Mumbai from US to commence the fascinating chapter of your life. Make your relocation to Mumbai as hassle-free as possible in the most convenient way with Earth Relocation.

However, before making any impulse decision go through this thorough guide to Mumbai and have an eagle’s view before commencing your move to Mumbai from US.

Bonus Fact about Mumbai: Mumbai has an army of 5000 Dabbawala, filling the hunger of more than 200,000 locals with home-cooked food since 1890. By building a robust network, the dabbawalas deliver the lunch with impeccable efficiency has also been studied by international management institutions like IIM-A and Harvard Business School.

Moving to Mumbai from US

As Mumbai is the economic capital of India, it is a center spot of international courier pathways. Hence, the charges of relocating your belongings from the USA to Mumbai would be considerably low than other cities of India. Nevertheless, on average, you should be prepared to pay shipping rates starting from at least $10-$15 per cubic foot. This may vary from courier to courier company and the total size of your move, but in most cases, it reaches upto $4000 in total, including all the packaging costs.

On the other hand, the total cost of your Move to Mumbai from US does not only stop at the shipping rates, but you would also need to consider the custom duties and storage facilities (for the initial phase)

And as far as flights are concerned the best time to travel to India is considered from November to February, so Expats across the globes prefers to visit India during this time. Therefore, the flight fares are sky-high during this time, so plan your flight tickets accordingly to get the best least fare.

Employment Structure

As Mumbai is the center of the Indian Entertainment Industry and Financial sector, you can find corporate offices of almost every global player here. It also means you can find numerous job opportunities in every industry.

Although Mumbaikars’ style is a bit westernized for first meetings, you should not expect them to commit to anything; there will always be room for handful negotiations. Moreover, never leave your house without your visiting card as Mumbai people considers it rude not to exchange cards at the end of the business meetings if you are meeting for the first time.

To get a rough estimation, the average salary of an individual in Mumbai is approximately $24500 per annum. To move further and get precise numbers profession-wise, let’s go through these latest data as per the latest survey.

Job Profile
Annual Salary
Software Developer
Marketing Manager
Finance Manager
Graphic Designer
Content Marketer

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Housing And Accommodation In Pune

As an American moving to Mumbai, you will find the housing costing you a fortune. This ‘Mayanagari’ has everything but a shortage of housing facilities considering the high population ratio in the city.

Owning a house in Mumbai is still a dream of most Mumbaikar people when the rent numbers are touching the sky. If you want to stay in accommodation facilities like Paying Guest, it starts from 6000 INR to 20000 INR depending on the area you pick to live. Moreover, if you are looking forward to renting a 1 BHK house in the areas like thane, its costs would start from 12000 INR and go on.

In Mumbai, the area you choose to pick for residential purposes matters a lot as it will play the dominant role in the total cost of your Accommodation.

Range of housing rents (in INR)
South Mumbai
30000 to 60000
Western Mumbai
12000 to 20000
Navi Mumbai
7000 to 15000
Central suburb area

This was just the rough estimate according to the price range as per the different areas of Mumbai. Furthermore, it will also make a huge difference on the fact that if you are moving with your family or individually as the price range for 1 BHK would cost you approximately 15000 INR to 25000 INR per month while with family you must be prepared to pay at least 25000 INR to 60000 INR depending upon the Accommodation you prefer for yourself.

Before finalizing the local area of your Accommodation, it is wise to secure a job in Mumbai if possible. As the commute could be a bit difficult in the city due to constant heavy traffics. You may consider spending hours and hours for your commute if you live far away from your work. Thus, always prioritize picking a place to live near your work. This will give you two prime benefits,

First, you will save tons of time, and second is the cost of commuting daily. And who would not like the idea of saving time and money on a single go, right?

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Visa And Registration

Typically, getting a long-term visa of India for any American citizen is not a complicated process, but having the information about the available options would not hurt anyone, right?

Expats who are moving to Mumbai for employment purposes might face few complications compared to leisure travelers. Although the Indian Government encourages a skill-based immigration process, you will be more than welcome in India if your job profile consists of any specific skills. To get more detailed information about various visa categories, you can connect with the local Indian consulate or embassy.

However, if we talk about the prominent Visa categories, they are as follows, and you can move forward with any category as per your eligibility

  • Employment Visa
  • Business Visa
  • Conference Visa
  • Journalist Visa
    Research Visa
  • Entry Visa

Now, no matter which visa category you would fall into, there are a few basic document requirements that you must fullfill irrespective of your visa applicant profile.

  1. Your Passport
  2. Passport size photographs
  3. Residential Proofs
  4. The Job Contract copy(If necessary)
  5. Offer letter from your current employer

These documents will give you just a small head start. Further, you may require more documents as per the type of Visa application you are filing.

Education in Mumbai

Indians give precise importance to the education of their kids. Therefore, you can find a high competition rate when it comes to finding the best school for your kid.

In addition to that, Mumbai is considered one of the popular metro cities consisting of one of the top schools in India. There are mainly two types of schools in Mumbai affiliated with the Maharastra State board. The upper class usually prefers private schools over municipal schooling for their kids. In contrast, the middle class opts for Municipal schools as that is an economical option compared to private schools.

Overall, the main governing bodies of the primary education system in Mumbai are as follows

  • Maharashtra State Board (MSBSHSE)
  • National Institute of Open Schooling( NIOS)
  • CISCE Board
  • Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE)

Mumbai has many globally recognized colleges affiliated with the Mumbai University offering multiple programs for the Science, Commerce, and Arts sectors for higher studies. Mumbai University is considered one of the largest and oldest universities regarding the total number of graduates passed out from it.

The courses offered by Mumbai University are considerably affordable and are guaranteed 100% placements after the compilation of the programs. Apart from the courses offered by Mumbai University, there are multiple private universities, and educational institutions such as IIT and NMIMS are also offer excellent master’s programs like MBAs and MS.

Cost of living in Mumbai

Sure, Mumbai is one of the top Metro cities globally, offering a diverse and pure cosmopolitan lifestyle, but it has also ranked at 19th position in Asia’s top costliest cities list. Additionally, it tops the race by being one of the most exorbitant cities in India. For Expats, Mumbai can be a bit expensive compared to the American lifestyle, and it would not make much difference. The prominent contributing factors that make the Mumbai lifestyle expensive are high accommodation services rates and miscellaneous household costs.

And it is essential to get a precise estimation of the approximate cost of living before commencing your relocation to Mumbai from the US. Especially when you are moving with your family

To get a fair estimation, you can check the various type of expenditure that an individual needs to bear per month while exploring this magnificent city of dreams.

Meal for two in a restaurant
1500 INR
Local Transport Monthly pass
400 INR
100 INR per liter
4000 INR
750 INR
100 INR per KG
Household cost
20000 INR


Bombay is the city that never stops, scenes of people coming out of work or partying at 3 in the morning are pretty common. You might need a moment to adjust yourself to the fast life of this city, and it can be a bit intimidating as well.

Then why don’t you give yourself a minute to absorb all changes? To make your relocating process more convenient and stress-free, get the professionals to facilitate moving to Mumbai from US with their immaculate expertise of shifting you there through the smoothest way possible.

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