Pre-Move Survey

Detailed planning at this stage enables a stress-free move. We establish your needs and set expectations, build the assignee relationship and discuss moving schedule. We understand that every home is different – we are moving your family possessions, not just objects. We notify restricted/prohibited items and customs procedures for destination country. We detail the inventory for volume and packing criteria. We plan special packing requirements and schedule quotation timescale and criteria. So when you are ready click here to request a free survey.

Pre-Move Quotation

Earth Relocation offers four different options for your international move.

  • Household Goods Only
  • Household Goods and Vehicle
  • Vehicle Only
  • General Cargo (commercial products)

Please complete the Quote Request Form below. Once the form is submitted, you can expect one of our global move specialists to be in touch very soon. The information you provide will help us construct a proposal that will give you an estimate of the costs for your upcoming international move. Earth Relocation highly recommends in home surveys which will give us the tools necessary to provide a very accurate proposal for your upcoming international relocation.

Creating a Move Plan

Your Global Move Specialist at Earth will discuss your moving needs in detail and suggest the best mode of transfer based on your requirements such as deadlines to move out from your origin residence, arrival of yourself and your family at destination, environmental conditions at destination such as seasonal challenges, etc. There are various shipping modes which can be suggested after initial discussions are completed and a move plan will be designed accordingly.

Planning of Shipping Mode
  • Ocean Mode: Shipping by sea is an economical mode of transport that works well for most customers. Sea options include:
    • Shipping in Liftvan (LCL): Loaded at your residence, liftvans are placed directly into containers. This method is perfect for those requiring storage or those with less than a full container load.
    • Shipping in Sole Container (FCL): Your goods are loaded into your own secure sea container. This method can be a cost-effective way to send larger volumes.
    • Shipping in Consolidated container: Consolidate your shipment with others and save money, though you'll need to be flexible in the timing of your delivery.
  • Air Mode: Shipping by air will get your goods to their destination more quickly, but usually costs much more. For very small volumes, shipping by air can be a better option.
  • Land Mode: Inland shipments are suggested for moves happening to/from US, Canada and Mexico.

International move from Tel Aviv District to Florida

This company has moving experts who help clients like us who have not moved much in the past to guide them well through the nitty gritties of an International move. Our point of contact Sarah was really awesome and very patient. She was well spoken and would answer all our silly questions with utmost care and concern. We are happy to share our positive experience as this company really did all it took to make our transition stress free. They even helped us with apartment search and our native community info in our area since we have never lived in US before. They have another partner who takes care of the relocation side however Earth Relocation manages it all.

I am very delighted and shall use them again on our return. Ciao!!
Lionel P.

International move from Rhode Island to Ireland

We moved with Earth Relocation from Rhode Island to Ireland and we took a 40 FT container. My wife was the one discussing the rates and services with their representative and they were prompt on providing the quotes in a timely manner. They sent their crew from New Jersey for 2 days and packed/loaded the pod at our house in Rhode Island. We are retiring and moving back to our home in Ireland. and we told Earth Relocation guys that we will not be moving everything from our US residence since we are keeping our US home and shall be visiting every year in summer time. Their surveyor came from New Jersey prior to us booking with them and accurately evaluated the stuff going to Ireland and thereby provided the quote. The crew was courteous and fitted everything well in the container at our residence, Goods arrived in decent condition with only one box damaged due to a little movement in the container which we are not unhappy about as it had linens inside. To summarize I would recommend using this company and will give full marks to them. Moving is not easy but they made it stress free for us at this stage of our life. Would like to thank their team, keep up the good work.

James Farrington.

International move from New Jersey to Quebec

Once we contacted them, our goods were packed and moved within a week's time from our home. All paperwork was done upfront for clearance of goods in Canada and we had to go to customs terminal in Montreal as indicated in advance by our moving consultant. Everything was arranged as planned and our door to door moving was completed in 6 business days. Other companies we were contacted by were giving transit times of 2-3 weeks and one company in New York even mentioned one month in transit time. It was peak moving season and we were not getting clarity on pickup and delivery time frames from other folks and this was very critical for us as the job I started in Canada had a dedicated day and we wanted to setup our new apartment in advance. In any case, all went well and the cost of the move was not exorbitant either. So I am doing my due diligence by sharing my experience and would like to give full marks to ER.

Mitesh R

International move from Cyprus to New York

Used this company's service to move from Cyprus to New York as recommended by one of our friends who moved with them from Boston to Nicosia.

Overall performance was decent, door to door service was completed within the budget provided by them and transit time ended up being one week over what was estimated. We were not stressed with delay of one week as we were staying in extended stay in NYC. Our rep was very upfront and never provided misleading info and did not promise more than what could have been realistically delivered. Will use them again due to this smooth move and honest service.

Georghios M.

International move from New York to Dominican Republic

I had to move my household goods (4 bedroom house) from New York to Santa Domingo. Earth Relocation team were able to move my stuff quickly.

The agent I spoke to was very professional and answered all my queries. Pricing was fair and I am overall very pleased with the service.

Thanks Earth Relocation for making my international move hassle free. Highly recommended.


International Relocation Experts

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