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Searching for a reputable and an affordable relocation company is not easy; especially, when you’re planning to relocate overseas or to another state. At Earth Relocation, we have the staff and experience you want to make sure your move goes smoothly. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your move, just speak to one of our relocation customer representatives today. Whether you're relocating out of state or internationally, we have moving solutions designed just for you.

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Inland Shipments (to Canada and Mexico)

Earth Relocation specializes in high quality & cost effective moving services to Canada and Mexico. The shipments to these destinations are transported from mainland US origin cities and they are cleared at the border with help of our affiliated custom brokers. The border crossing is a complicated task and needs lot of on hand experience to achieve successful results.

We have been very successful with this mode of transportation thereby making Canada and Mexico one of the strongest markets for us. To find out more, please contact us today.


Ocean Transportation - Consolidated Service - Shared use of container

This is an alternative service, provided by Earth Relocation, whereby we consolidate several household goods and personal effects shipments into containers destined to common destinations. We have weekly consolidations to Europe, India & Australia, as the volumes to those destinations are very high. This allows us to pass the freight savings on to you, and because only household and personal effects are loaded into our consolidated containers, there is no need to crate or palletize the goods, prior to shipment. This of course alleviates the additional cost involved in crating/palletizing the consignment. Whilst this is an economical alternative to LCL, longer transit times may be experienced whilst awaiting the receipt of other consignments needed to complete the loading of the container prior to dispatch.


Ocean Transportation - Less Than Container Load (LCL) Service

This method is used when there is insufficient cargo to justify the use of an entire container. Shipping Companies and Freight Consolidators provide this service by consolidating freight from different shippers, to a common destination, into container loads. When shipping via LCL, the goods are required to be crated or palletized, to ensure their protection during transit. This is necessary, as there is no guarantee as to what other cargo may be consolidated with your household effects in the container. Unfortunately, due to the necessity of crating/palletizing the goods, and the higher freight cost involved, this can be an expensive means of forwarding goods overseas however it depends on case to case basis.


Ocean Transportation - Full Container Load (FCL) Service

This category ensures that the container carries only your goods, and under normal circumstances these can be loaded directly into the container, with the container sealed, at your residence. This leaves the container ready for delivery, direct to the departure port, without the need for any further handling of your goods in the origin country. As a rule, because the entire container is utilized, this is the most economical method of shipment. It also generally provides the fastest transit times, as there are no delays in waiting for other freight to fill the container.


Air Shipments

Many customers opt to ship a "survival" quantity of their personal belongings via airfreight, as it generally allows quick arrival of the basic items required to commence life in your new country. We service many customers by shipping their important goods by air and bulk of the shipment by ocean.

Whilst, as a general rule, airfreight is more expensive than surface freight, there are situations where even entire households may prove to be more economical to be forwarded via air so it is always a good idea to check with your consultant. Every individual household will have its own requirements, and we would be happy to discuss the most suitable options available to you with regard to your own specific needs


International Relocation Experts

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