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At Earth Relocation, we treat your personal belongings as our own. Our clean, dry and secure 30,000 square foot storage facility located near the port of New York / New Jersey can accommodate just about any customer. Wheather you need short-term or long-term storage vaults and containers for rent, Earth Relocation has what you need. For more information about our storage facility, speak to one of our friendly customer representatives.

Working with Earth Relocation is a pleasure. From our easy-access "Move Management" program to our principle that you should never have to call more than one person to get something if you are a client of ours, we make moving easy for you. We are experts in relocation throughout all corners of the globe. You can also rely on us for short-term storage or long-term storage during the difficult time of moving. We move businesses, individuals, and families. Call us today or fill out our inquiry form to get a quote on moving your assets today.

We want to know the details of your move. Fill out the inquiry form with as many details as you have. We are experts in all areas of moving. Earth Relocation can meet your needs if you need short-terms storage for a hop across the pond or long-term storage for an international moving project. We help businesses relocate to multiple countries whether they have a destination in mind or are just looking. Contact us today for a quote to move your business; we will handle the logistics and offer discounted small cargo rates for airlines.

Earth relocation works with both shipping and air cargo accounts. We can move you in a few months or a few days depending on your needs. Let Earth Relocation take care of all the logistics of your moving; our system ensures that you only need to talk to one person to handle issues during your move. You can relax while we do all the heavy lifting. We have experience in the far corners of the globe with various shipping methods and will handle the difficulties of catty corner moving or large pier shipments. Even if you don't know the details of the place you are moving yet, we will find out and handle the difficulties.

Earth Relocation is a rapidly growing company with the ability to handle orders both large and small. You can contact us via our quote form or call for a job of any size. We have experience moving people, businesses, and families from various situations to various types of developments. You can get a quote for moving from New Jersey to any part of India, for example. Or contact us if you are just staying in Jakarta. We handle large and small logistics and can take care of your order if you know where you are moving, or even if you don't.

Our experienced experts offer special care and handling packages as well as very complex logistics options. From moving mainframes to multiple office suites, we can handle your needs in a timely, effective manner. We handle large and small moves, in multiple shipments or in one large shipment. We can handle all the details, from the smallest carry on to shipping the whole office suite. Earth Relocation offers moves to places in the city and far off the map, including Mexico, Australia, India, and more. If you have any questions or concerns regarding storage, just speak to one of our friendly customer service representative today.

International Relocation Experts

Are you planning to move overseas? Call or request an International Moving quote from Earth Relocation today.